I've spent alot of time working on this so I hope someone out there enjoys it. I'm poor so it's just done in garageband. finding a good distortion for recording was a bitch.

soon it'll be on youtube but youtube's doing and upgrade or something and temporarily uploads and rating is off. it's just a blackscreen to the song anyways though so the mp3's are probably better, it's just I find youtube easier to share stuff than profiles.

and I don't have a bass just a guitar and a midi keyboard.
Considering your equipment, I'd say it's quite cool. I like it.
Thanks for the comments.

It is on youtube now by the way for anyone who finds that easier than loading someone's profile then clicking the song... I generally prefer sharing via youtube just because it's one simple click that everyone can load and everyone is familiar with.


that's the link.

the general sound I shoot for is epic, I'm inspired by alot of power metal stuff like nightwish and kamelot, and also by nobuo. nobuo is my biggest music hero so I incorporate instruments that I guess don't typically fit into metal in the traditional sense. but for me it's normal because it's used in power metal.

I'm going to spend all day working on another piece and I'm gonna post the demo later and see what you guys think of it. It's a really catchy melody over a descending chord progression and I have what I think is a great intro and first part after it but I'm struggling to compose something that'll sound good after that.

edit: that link is broke now. upon listening to this in my car i found the equalization sucked so i remixed it a bit and have to reupload it now. haven't got it on my profile yet, but i will in 2 minutes, for now here's the new youtube link.

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you definitely have a solid foundation here. there are a lot of really cool ideas but i think you need to smooth out some of the transitions. all of this stuff has some good potential if you can get it all working together. good job man.

by the way, thanks for the crit on the stuff from my profile. i really appreciate it.