Fist off, thanks for the crit on my songs.

Great voice. The acoustic sounds a little dead in your mix, how long has it been since you've changed your strings? The effects mixed in are sweet. Really cool song. If you get the acoustic mic'ed a little differently, i think it would make all the difference.
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You do have a really good voice...it sounds very mature, like you really know what you're doing vocally. I really liked the contrast between the verse and the chors...and then the full band coming in sounds really great. Its a very interesting song, and i enjoyed listening to it! The high notes you start hitting are quite impressive. It sounds a bit like radiohead then. I really liked it! thanks a lot for the crit also.
Hey, man.

The song was really nice. Its has a unique style and sound not trivial at all. There are relly good rhythm chages between the couplet and the chorus that makes me strike the beat with my foot
The vocal sounds right and it fits there well. Great track, dude. Keep it up

Regards, Ash.
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i second the new strings statement. i think my favorite part of the song was the lyrics, as its not really my type of music. however, it was done really well and a great example of your style. the song was written very well, and i really started to enjoy it when the band comes in. also great singing, some of those notes were really high. great job.
i third the strings. Thanks for my crit by the way. Personally, i dont like the style of voice but if i did have to say, thats better than i could do. Very nice. For the style of song...the voice fits.
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Sounds awesome. You sound alot like the guy audiorapist on these forums, but thats a compliment. Alot like radiohead too, thats another compliment. Really cool song, sounds professional. Thanks for your crits! keep it up.
Man Nice voice. Cool stuff the acoustic could use a tad more presence in the mix but thats just me. Cool stuff!