Well, anyways does anybody know of the family guy episode where

peter goes;

they were all decoys lois decoys ha ha ha!

or something like that

really funny
we need a better description than that
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Yeah... I think we all know that one....... The one where he said that...
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we need a better description than that

aww I was hoping it wouldn't result to this, yes i'm lazy

all of this takes part in their attic or in their room not sure

but it's when peter is hiding from lois,(not sure why) and

tells her to guess where he was hiding at but actually isn't in any of the places that

he was telling her, but was actually in the closet the whole time

and that's when peter says

they were all decoys lois decoys haha ha!
maybe the one where he has a flashback with the reaper after skipping out on their anniversary for a golf outing?
oh, too late, but i have seen that episode. she walks in and sees the green house and the little hut thing.
"No Meals On Wheels" episode 91, season 5

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its the one where he shocks everyone with static
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its the one where he shocks everyone with static

absolutley thats hilarious. He thinks he's a superhero but really he's just rubbing his socks on the floor and poking people.

Today, my friend and I googled Robert Loggia (spelled, "R as in, 'Robert Loggia,' O as in, 'Oh Look! Its Robert Loggia!'...et al") that is such a funny moment
its the one where he thinks hes god and has the footy pajamas. can't remember much more than that
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