Alright, so at the moment my sole electric guitar is a Schecter Tempest custom. I wanted to get to a new amp before pickups, but as some people may already know, minor tragedy is going to intervene on that plan.

Chances are that the guitar will soon have a SD JB/Jazz pickup combo. Now, the music I like to play most is hard rock and metal, with a little blues and progressive styles thrown in as well (though not quite as much). And seeing as the first little amp I got was a Roland Micro Cube, I seriously need a new amp.

As much as I want a half stack and cabinet head, I'm not sure I have the money for one that's worth it. And as I'm not gigging at the moment, I'm not sure I really need one all that much.

That said, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for the kind of (relatively smaller) amp I should be looking at.

If there's a reason why I should just get a Half Stack and cabinet head (or maybe a worthwhile combo) feel free to let me know.

But to summarize, I really need a smaller, hopefully cheaper, amp for hard rock and metal.

Any help is very much appreciated
price range? location?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Right, sorry about that.

The location would be the Southern California area, from Ventura to Orange or San Diego, including LA in between if I have to. But I think you have the idea.

The price range would be... I guess anywhere to $1000 if its a worthwhile half stack, but no more than that. And hopefully much, much cheaper. Otherwise...

Preferably around $500 to $600. Or cheaper.