I'm thinking of upgrading my Fender strat to something more heavier. For my reasons, I'll need to sell this and get a new guitar but am willing to get another fender if good.

I want sweet metal tones (Like A7X) but not sacrificing for a good sparkly clean, as close to a fender RHCP tone as possible.

I've thought of a Gibson SG Faded OR Standard replacing the pickups with a Duncan Distortion in the bridge & a P90 in the neck for smooth cleans.

Are these good choices? Right guitar? Better Pickups?

And I'll need a pedal to gain boost into my Orange Tiny Terror. Any Ideas?

All would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
I have not heard good things about gibsons faded series and have not heard much fromt he standards. Gibsons stock pick-ups however are good and wouldnt need replacing unless you really want a change.
For those who care.
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Go out and try *lots* of guitars until you find one that has the sound you want, or you think could have with a pickup change. Take your Tiny Terror along when you do, and try out some pedals at the same time.

If you still think you need a pickup change after that, i'd recommend Dimarzios. Something like an X2N or Steve's special for the bridge, and an Air Norton or Air Classic in the neck.
If you want a Frusciante RHCP sound, an SG won't really do it for you. A good choice would be a American fat strat or something along those lines. Though i wouldn't like a humbucker in my strat.
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