I'm using Line 6 toneport UX1 right now, along with the "Gearbox" software that comes along with it. And I get horrible tones out of it. (listen to the mp3 on my profile). I must be doing something wrong, but I have no idea. Any idea on what I can do to get a decent sound? Please help
idk i have the cheaper model of the tone port the gx and i get great tones out of it there are some good presests but if you like metal i good preset for metal i found on this site
Amp model : Line 6 Insane
Cab model : 4x10 2001 Line 6
Drive - 10; Bass - 10; Middle - 7; Treble - 10; Presence - 9
Stomp : Effect Model - Screamer; Drive - 100%; Gain - 100%; Tone - 100%
Gate : Threshold - -8dB; Decay - 43%
Compressor: Threshold - 0dB; Gain - 11dB
EQ : GAIN (top to bottom) 5.4 3.4 8.6 3.2
EQ : FREQ (top to bottom) 200 440 8.9k 1.6k

but if your looking for clean tones i know it has some good ones false harmonics is pretty good there lots of presets or if you want you can tweak the sound but it may take you awhile to find the tone you want you can also try different mics and adjusting there position
How much time have you spent tweaking?

Also, what kind of guitar are you using.
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the gearbox will usually never sound "good" it has too much hiss
find something decent while generally ignoring that high hiss, you will take that out later while EQing

adding the overdrive is usually a good idea also, it tightens the bass of those wussy models