Alright, I'm in a bit of strife here. I need to tab out and then learn to play
A.K.A. Freddie the Freeloader in the next 4 weeks for a school project.
Here's my problem. I can't tab things. sorry, but the closest I got I've actually posted (not yet available) and I have to admit, it's fairly low grade. If anyone is able to tab, or even suggest a tab for this song I would be soooo grateful.
btw, does not have to be the one victor plays and any solo recommendations are appreciated. I'm actually going to the jazz teacher at school for an opinion on this but she's a pianist and can only help so much.

Google is your friend...


This isn't the greatest tab in the world but it should help at least.
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thanks man. at least it's something to work with.
Edit: hahahaha that's the same thing I ended up with the first time I tried.
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If you want someone to tab it for you, this belongs in Tab Talk (read the rules there, though)

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