hey i was just wondering what differnce replacing the pickups in my stagg would make?

At the moment im running thro an orange 15w combo which i think is ok...but i could also be wrong(but hey it beats a mg any day doesnt it...)

anyway would changing the pickups make a huge differnce to the sound?

i am thinking about a set of the zakk wylde sig set

btw i play heavy rock and some metal.

and this isnt my main guitar i have a epi lp custom that i love, but i just want to improve this for backup reasons...

thanks in advance
what pup's does the LP have? I would replace the epi pickups with the wylde set and then put the Epi pickups in the stagg
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I've been wondering about that for a while now.

You know what we should do? Everyone who plans to replace a pickup could record his open strings before and after the upgrade, and post both results with as much information as possible. This way we could compile a database with sound samples and people who plan to change pickups in the future will be able to have an idea what impact it will make.

We'd have to agree on a format. For instance: each string separately and then all together - decide on a recording duration to compare sustain - if you have several amps, do this on all of them.
Through a cheap solid state amp they don't make an awful lot of difference, and often active pickups can sound worse.
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i thought mine was a compo amp if its not i wnt be amused...was sold it under the impretion that it was a combo
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i thought mine was a compo amp if its not i wnt be amused...was sold it under the impretion that it was a combo

It's a solid state amp
The CR15 is a 15 watt combo with an 8 inch speaker and is very portable

The Orange Crush 15 is a fifteen watt electric guitar combo with great tonal variation.

Featuring an 8 inch speaker for enhanced bottom end, the CR15 is an ideal amp for in the home, at the studio or on the road. The specially designed preamp stage allows for a wide variety of tonal variation and a headphone out socket allows your band members to catch some sleep while you're rocking out on the tour bus!

thats the description on the page where i bought it from...
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so if its solid state y does it say combo?

Because it's an amplifier and a speaker in the same enclosure. It has nothing to do with being solid state or not.