I guess this could go here.
im thinking of purchasing a mandolin.
i have absolutely no knowledge of them at all.
whats some good music featuring them i oughta check out? and any other information you htink a mandolin owner should know about mandolinss
BlueGrass and Folk Music have them alot.

I own an Applause acoustic/electric. mando and its a real pleasure to play.
fun for fast stuff. It will take a bit of time to get used to the fingering (GDAE backwards from a guitar). Also since its tiny I tend to overshoot intervals alot when I first started.

So if your into Bluegrass or Folkmusic Check them out they rock.

Ive jammed a bit with a rock band on it and it was fun. I personally would love to actually play mando in a band, but I would need to get a "bit" better first lol.


EDIT: Check out www.musicmoose.org
Free lessons that are actually usefull and you can get a few ex. of some incredible playing. Look under Mando Lessons and I would recomend watching some of the jams as well.
all of zeppelins acoustics numbers have mandos in it
some off my head are

black country woman
going to california
the battle of evermore
Mandolin is mostly in bluegrass, There's a band called Nickel Creek that have amazing mandolin.

Also english/irish traditional is great for mandolin playing reels and ****e.

Mandolin is way fun, I learned to play some fast irish reels in about 2 hours of picking one up. I can play Hey Joe on mandolin too Lol
I've got a Ashbury mandolin and it's nice to play, but i imagine it would be a hundred times more fun in a group setting. It's not as rewarding to play on your own as a guitar is, for me anyway.

Some nice books to buy are:

Mandolin Gold Link (UK) and Hal Leonard's Mandolin Method Link (UK). It's not too hard to find your way around if you know a bit of theory.