Poll: Fender Strat or Gibson SG?
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Fender Stratocaster MIA (SSS) 2002
4 40%
Gibson SG Standard 2005
6 60%
Voters: 10.
Hi i currently have a Fender Stratocaster USA SSS which i like because of the way the neck feels and how it feels in my hands but i cant help but think i need something with humbuckers. My strat is like 6 years old and ive got a friends who owns a Gibson SG Standard with no scratches or anything and he's had no problems with them so far. Dont get me wrong i love the stratocaster but i really think id need something with a thicker tone coz in the end id like to play a harder rock than blues, and he said he can sell it to me for about 1500-1600 AU. And ive got someone offering me 1300 for my strat, is it worth the swap do u think?
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ummm i guess its about even, strats go for 2,300 AUD RRP while SGs go for 2700 AUD RRP so i wouldnt get it unless you're adamant in wanting a humbucker sound.

FWIW i really like the neck on my Epi Sg.
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theres no point in having a strat if it doesn't suit what you play. although im a big strat fanboy, and they are my ultimate guitar, (lol pun) if i played what you play, then i'd go the SG without a second thought. go for it man.