I bought thsi little beaut 4 years ago in Capetown South Africa. Its basically a 1 gallon oil can with a bar of ally screwed to it with allthe important stuff on.Pickups bridge fingerboard are all fixed to the bar which forms the neck and that runs right thru. The pick ups are hand wound and the tone and volume are bottle tops. I bought it because it looked great but it actually plays really well and sounds like a good semi. Feedsback like mad and is completely unbalanced but I love it.

Looks pretty cool imo

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yeah, i'm developing GAS for one of those, for about a year now i've been hoping to go to africa, pretty much JUST to get one because the only other places i know of to get them are from expensive websites that charge you for the shipping... but as a guitarist, i lack the funds to get to africa lol... i'm sure i can find a way round that hehe... voluntary work perhaps?
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Crazy. Crazy but sweet. I'm guessing that because it's an empty can it acts something like a hollow-body?
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That's actually awesome
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Thanks for the comments guys. It does have strap pegs behind the headstock and underneath the can bottom but its really is a dog to try and play standing up with a strap. Sitting down though its cool, I just love the action and the fingerboard which is a huge slab of rosewood.
I wish I'd bought another I saw out there as well . That one had one pick up and F holes cut in the can!!! It wasnt painted and had the original Castrol GTX logos and artwork on the can. It is amazing how well it actually sounds both as an acoustic and electric.

That's pretty cool, I kind of want to make one now.
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i saw one of those when i was down in capetown.
there was a guy who used to busk on the waterfront near the mitchells alehouse bar there. he was pretty cool, had one made from a castrol can.
didnt realise you could buy them tho,
its really cool wish id got one.