'llo guys,
Theres something really annoying going on in my guitar, the sustain on the High E string on the high frets is terrible, and I am talking even acoustically, which means its not a tone problem, acoustically I get about 1.5 second sustain, and with high distortion i barely get 4 seconds. It is really getting on my nerves as I've tried everything to try to solve it. I tried lowering the action or raising it, still the same issue, it's making me cry. If it helps it has a standard Lespaul style bridge.
Help would really be much appreciated.
why is it not a tone problem? make sure your pickups aren't set too closely to the strings that can kill the sustain a bit.
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are the frets dead/worn? that could be the problem, also your neck may be bowed (wild guess) or something. Take it to a tech to get it checked out
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Check your pickup height for sure as thats a common sustain killer

You're action might need raising a bit too that helps sustain tremendously
Check your nut, i had the same problem on my sg. And slightly on the B string. I just slightly cut the nut with a razor blade, and ofcourse added some graphite as you should. And that mother bitch screams.

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Thanks for the tips, modifying nut and what not can permanently damage the guitar I heard, so I will propably go get it checked out at the guitar tech. Good bye 60$ strings : <