Hello Bass Players!

Im a guitarist, have been for a long time, but lately i've been thinkin about takin up bass. Im totally aware of the two big misconceptions of switching from guitar to bass, those being 1) Its the same as guitar, just bigger and lower and 2) Switching over is easy.

Now i totally get that these are misconceptions/untruths/woteveryouwanttocallthem. But noone ever actually says what the differences are. So my question is: Whats the difference?
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Sorry to ruin your whole day like that.

Moving on, im looking for more than the general gist. Because the general gist is 2nd nature knowledge for a bass player, for a guitarist the general gist is totally not the same.
dellirium is obviously hinting for you to search.

the have been approximately 36 trillion threads of this topic before.
The biggest misconception is that bass is easier then guitar cause it "only" has 4 strings.

That and what Delirumbassist writes is prety much the main thing.

But yes do a search and you will probably get more answers then you have questions
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