Hi guys
I have a problem.
I was playin a few weeks ago in my room and got too much in the mood of the song I was playing along with(Failure in the Flesh by TTEOTD). Well I went to put my foot on my amp and I hit down on the input jack of the amp with the cord in it. It made a crackling sound and now it won't produce any sound unless I pull the cord up while in the input. I took mit apart and found the board cracked near the input( Not to big, just enough to cut off the circulation of sound). Is there any way to fix that, like maybe using a sodering(sp) iron to reconnect it. Or do a have to take it to a shop, If so how much would it be?
i would take it to the shop if the actual board is cracked, alot of time in my experience there is a metal tab that extends out and makes contact wiht your cord plug you might want to check that too, you might have bent it
Sounds like an inexpensive amp if the input jack is board mounted. Most of the time you have to buy the complete unit board and input. Might be time for an upgrade?
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