I juest went to the store to buy new strings for my Bass. When i got home i unpacked them got all my tools i needed and removed my old E string. Got the new one put on and winded it up. Then in a moment of N00Bnes i wind it up to much causing the string to go *SNAP*

Now i have 3 Brand new strings and on Old crappy sounding E string

Any of you guys had any type of stupid mistake?
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My ATK has mismatched strings...wasn't me that changed them though. The person that did cut the A too short. It's about to get some fresh Rotos and be tuned BEAD though.
yup but we were trying to tune my bassists guitar and the A string snapped
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Probably the most stupid mistake I ever made with my bass was I wound the string on the wrong side of the tuner on my B and E strings. I know its not ZOMGWTFYOUDUMD but meh.
I made that mistake with Elixirs...and you can't buy single Elixir strings, so now I have three spares because I bought another set of 'em.
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Managed to snap an E-String? How tight did you think it needed winding lol? Suppose you can always go down and buy a single E String

Not sure if i cn get a single string here in town.

I was Tuning my E string and the Tuner said A In stead Winding it down some idiot voice in my head said i needed to wind it up tighter Resulting in a *SNAP*.

I have no idea why on earth i thought that but the result is inreversable

I just called the store.... They DO sell single strings!! So will get one tonight. YAY.
Only 30 Euro's for a set and a single E string is 10 Euro's ah well Stupidity has it's price i guess
To Be is to Do -Socrates-
To Do is to Be -Sartre-
Do be do be do -Sinatra
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thats quite funny,
exact same thing happened to me one night. was kinda tired and had been ajusting my truss rod (i have to loosen my strings to access the truss rod) and as I was retuning my E string I went sharp but kept thinking it was flat for some reason so I kept going up and when I was close to an E (an octave too high though) there was a huge SNAP and that was the end of that string. Luckily the strings were 2 months old or so so I just changed the set.
My mistake didn't cost me anything but it was pretty stupid. I had my bass in drop tuning, and then i wanted to bring it back up to standard. I usually try to bring it back to standard by ear and then check it with a electronic tuner. So, i get it as close as i can and i check it with the tuner....... but the tuner doesnt seem to work. The display turns on, but it doesnt register any notes. I replaced both the tuner's battery and the battery in the bas before i realized that I had the main volume pot turned all the way down. I felt like an idiot. at least i wont need to replace the batteries anytime soon
When I first put BEAD strings on my 4-string Ibanez, I forgot to file down the nut, and immediately after placing the B-string in the nut, a huge chunk of the nut flew off.
I stupidly cut the E string far too short. Not only did the red plastic coated end of the string go round the tuning post but the actual string itself goes round 3 quarters of a turn!
Restrung my newly de-fretted Squier P-Bass without getting a string winder. My wrists were so sore.
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