anything from this song would be very helpfull tuning intro ect

mabye the tuning is this (C# F# B E G# C#) because thats what the other songs from that album are in but in my opinion their style is very hard for me to figure out

if you do help and i end up tabing the rest of the song ill def give credit where credit is due
nice thats a start

the intro seems like it wont be much of a problem but when it get to the harmony with the octave chords and so-forth ill run into problems

any advice or heplfull things?
well, I'm slowly working my way through the apostasy [tabbing], I've done the first 2 tracks(Rome 64 CE and Slaying the Prophits Ov Isa), and there's an official tab for the third one (prometherion), so I guess At the left hand Ov God (track 4) will be next, off school now, so shouldn't be too long, by the end of this week perhaps, and that's at the latest really. Just thought I'd let you know I intend on tabbing it, that's all. Feel free to check out my tabs to Rome 64 CE and Slaying the prophits ov Isa in the mean time. As I said, should be up by end of March at very latest.
I was just about to ask for At The Left Hand Ov God to be tabbed!
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By the way, my tabs for the first two tracks aren't the crappy ones,
they're (ver 2) of both. I've started on the left hand ov god now,
I've pretty much got the intro nailed already, will do some more tomorrow,
nice glad to hear that i was having a bit of bad luck in trying to tab it
guess im not totaly used to the things that they do its lot different for me but i cant wait to learn it

love the acoustic part
Been waiting for this song since the CD came out.
Good to hear someone is finally tabbing it
Right, got the intro,
verse and chorus all done,
all I need now is the bridge and solo,
the solo doesn't seem too bad tbh,
but the bridge seems tricky,
lots of low-pitched riffing,
hard to define if you get me,
no worries though, I'll spend pretty
much all day tomorrow on it, and
hopefully it'll be finished,
Right, the good news is the tab is 99% done,
the bad news is the UG team don't work on weekends,
so after a few minor adjustments, the tab will be
posted tonight or tomorrow, but due to the unfortunate
coincidence that its the beginning of a weekend,
it won't be up on the site until Monday,
it would be really cool if someone could tab this out on guitar pro, with the drums..
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