oh, the Tom Morello dealie.. yeah it's awesome, thrown in a bit of delay, can make it sound even better.
It's a cool effect, but the video made me sick. People need to learn that video effects are almost always the wrong thing unless you're trying to aggravate epilepsy.
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I was just gonna say it;s like the buckethead kill switch. And you gotta think that if you do that a lot with your pickup selector, it will die. I know a lot of guys (Ace Frehley) will do the pickup selector thing but it's just a couple of times for a few seconds...
$20 says this guys pup selector asploded 30 seconds after he made the video.

Do it the right way kiddies and mod you guitar properly if this is what youre looking to do.
Not to sound mean, but damn, that's like.. pretty easy. I can't do it yet, I have an Omen 6 with only one tone and volume nob for both selectors. Plus the effects were so god damn annoying.
i used to do this on my tele deluxe but it messed up my toggle switch, and now when i try it, it makes weird noises that sound like pluggin in ur guitar when its on between the No sound and the sound
rage against the machines evil empire, that technique put to far better use by morello
then the guy in that vid,
but yeah cool technique
Look into rage, Tom Morello, pretty much the king of killswitching, will show you how its done.
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