well im thinking of getting the xbox 360 for my birthday. now theres the xbox 360 arcade, regular system , and the elite. im not gonna get the elite so whats the difference between the arcade and regular xbox 360. i know the arcade comes with 5 arcade games but, what am i losing if i get the arcade 360?should i just save my birthday money for the regular?
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yes get the regular, the arcade doesnt include any of the extras like hard drive and good video cable, etc........it's the original core system, they just changed the name. basically you need a hard drive so you'd have to buy that anyway
The regular system comes with a 20GB hard drive (this is completely necessary) and a wireless controller (the arcade comes with a wired controller). If you get the arcade you are either going to have to buy a memory card for like $25 which will only hold save games, or you will have to buy the hard drive which is $100 for 20GB or $180 for 120GB. I don't see a reason for anyone to buy the arcade version at all. You will spend more money upgrading it than just out right buying the Premium. Get the white box, it is your best bet if the Elite is out of the question. I believe you also get Marvel:Ultimate Alliance and Forza Motorsports 2.
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