I've alsways wanted to play the gutiar and now that i started a job i can finally get one. But i've been trying to read up on whether to get an asoustic or an electric one. I personally would like to play rock/pnuk type music, but i would like to know which is easier to learn for a beginner, an electric or asoustic?, cos i don't wanna waste my money on buying an electric when it's too hard to play and i should have bought a asoustic.
How hard it is to play it depends on your style.
Some will fell good, as others wont.

Go for electric by the way.
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I'd recommend Electric for those styles.

You'll find it hard, but you'll get accustomed to it within time. I wouldn't say electric would be easier, but the size of one compared to an acoustic, will be smaller and more comfortable.

Practise will make perfect. Feel free to ask questions in the future on these forums.
You should get an electric guitar and if your just starting then maybe a starter pack its cheap comes with a guitar thats easy to learn on and comes with an amp and gig bag,and because you play punk rock then maybe a fender squier or epiphone g400.
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I Should say Fender but a american made is to expensive and usless for a beginner. And don't go with squire cause they suck.

These are great for such things as Punkrock, Classic Rock and Metal Stuff.

And then buy a amp say... microcube somthing... that would be just great to start out with. Not to ****ty and not to expensive.
yeah the G-400 is a good guitar

and go with a Roland Microcube for the amp

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Depends on your budget, but i've just gone through the whole buying a first guitar. My threads buried somewhere in the pile, but there was lots of useful help, but in the end i found myself a bargain 2nd hand, which I would have thought was well out of reach of my budget.

Best advice I was given, was go out there and take a look and play, and find a music store with honest salespeople, who will actually help you and not sell you junk. Thats the way you can get yourself amazing deals, like my ESP Custom shop with amp, hard case, strap and leads for $800 ish.

Not sure if you're US or whatnot, but out here in the UK we have loads of charity shops, i managed to pick myself up loads of Guitar tuition books and Tab books (25 books in total) for £10 ($21 ish), not a bad bargain.
I believe its all about your motive my friend ) . if you doing it for swooning the ladies, you should get an acoustic - I started with a $200 guitar - and you'll be working it in a few months... get the basics down and then move to an electric and play with all the electronics!

Its all about motivation and drive my friend !! )

if you want to play rock and punk, go with an electric. They are also a lot easier to learn on even though it may sound wierd.
I believe its all about your motive my friend ) . if you doing it for swooning the ladies, you should get an acoustic

oh my friend, how confused you must be, since i am a girl. Plus a live in the Uk. But i have bought my guitar, and i got a electric squier by fender from where i work, which is at argos, plus i got a tuner for half price, but cos i work there it was about 112 pounds. I need some books or something to help me learn how to read chords tbh, i've been on guitar wiki, but i still don't quite understand how to read them sideways, anyone know any good books or websites that may help me out?, since i don't really wanna go straight into lessons yet, cos it will be 17 pounds a lesson.

btw i know argos have a bad rep for guitar, but it was either this or from a charity or cash convertors, and since i work there and it was my first guitar i thought why the hell not
Starting on electric isnt what i suggest. You will be a stronger guitar player if you learn on acoustic. New Electric players use so much distortion you cant hear when you make mistakes and you will get extremely bad habits when you play.
well since i work where i actually got my guitar i can always take it back and get my money back and then buy a (much cheaper then this one anyway) asoustic guitar, which is what i was orignally gonna get. But as i said i wanna play rock/punky type music, so people recomended that i get an electric. And all my friend's who have guitars, said i should start out on a eletric but i should get a good one. But sadly this is all i could really get. After all i'm not gonna get a guitar that i don't like the looks of cos it will cause me not to stick to it.

Anyone got a good easy song for me to start to learn?
i don't know if you've bought guitar already but i'd advise get a good quality acoustic but don't spend a lot on it. or as my teacher told me learn how to shred on a beater than buy a nice electric and you will be amazing but id learn on acoustic because it is harder to press the strings down true but it will make your fingers stronger and every good punk band has to have an EP right?=)
I used this site when I first started. I found it pretty useful.

Given the type of the music you like, you should go electric. If you pick the type of guitar that you like best for it's sound, you won't be wasting your money. Neither is too difficult to play, but acoustic is more challenging.
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With the styles that you want to play, I would definitely get an electric guitar.