So, I don't have much cash, and I'm looking to buy some effects pedals. I only have about, $175. My current gear is a Peavey VK 112, and an Epi Les Paul studio (which I'm getting rid of soon). But I was looking through the GC website for some cheap pedals, and I came across the Danelectro pedal packages. I was considering the metal pack, which comes with the following pedals:

DJ-21 metal distortion
DJ-9 compressor
DJ-8 flanger
DJ-4 reverb
and the DJ-11 tuner.

Here's the link.

I only have one pedal right now, a Digitech Grunge distortion pedal. But anyways, about the package. It's $150 for all 4 pedals, power supply and a case for them all. But is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
Well which of those effects are the important to get first for you?
Actually, I don't care which I get first, but I was thinking, if these are any good, I can get 4 out of the way at once. But if you have any other suggestions as to what pedal(s) I should get, feel free to mention them.
there horrible.
you can still hear the effect when they've been turned off.
which are awful.
If you're just wanting a start to getting FX, they'd be a decent way to go... I'd advise getting a package with their Fish & Chips EQ in though, it's the pick of the bunch for the Dano pedals. The tuner is crap, but the Slap Delay is passable, and the Tremolo is decent. The compressor is okay, but I'd bet the Flanger, Phaser, Reverb and Overdrive pedals would be gash.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
I have to say that Danelectro effectys are the most terrible cheap nasty effects going. Id rather buy one good effect than have all those dano pedals the case and the psu.
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I second that, go with one really good effect for now, and have some change for the next really good effect later