I hope this is the right forum...

that "presentation and playing live part 1" was a really interesting read and got me thinking

Anyways, say if im in a small new band and am playing rock/hardrock/metalish in front of a (age 14-20ish) crowd of about 50 or so people on a small stage, is it appropriette to start pulling moves and headbanging on riffs and breakdowns?
I really dont think i'll be able to stop myself :P

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Well, I don't have much experience (or any) gigging, but when I've watched local bands I've noticed alot of them make fools of themselves whenever they try to rock harder than is appropriate.

I think the key for small gigs is just to look like your enjoying yourself, then other people will too.
lol I'd say even though it's not always good to just try to please people, see their reaction.if anyone starts rockin out, let loose! if they're not, you can still let loose and get them going! unless you feel uncomfortable.