Which Gibson coils are your favourite ones?The New Les Paul Standards are equipped with the Burstbuckers,while vintage models were famous for their P-90s(P-57 included).Would you actually prefer Gibson to release Les Paul Standards with P-90s again?

I personally prefer the P90s as they have a more vintage and bluesy tone compared to the Burstbuckers.
Oh, ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye
The 90s are cool but humbuckers are the more classic LP tone. I like P90s more in hollowbody gibsons.
The BFG with a bucker in the bridge and a 90 in the neck is pretty cool.
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while vintage models were famous for their P-90s.

Not necessarily. P-90's were stock equipment from '52 to '56 until Seth Lover invented the humbucker in the form of what we refer to as the PAF which made it's way into the Les Paul in '57. PAF equipped Les Pauls defined what a Les paul is "supposed" to sound like to most people.
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