I've got an electric guitar, just wondering what I should use to clean the strings/fretboard - it gets dusty as I leave it out in the living room all the time, and playing it doesnt really knock that dust off even tho i play everyday :p

Water? wood cleaner (i.e. pledge?) q tips on the fret board to get under the strings?

Or are there actual guitar cleaning kits or something I should buy?
Depends what wood yoru strigns are. Depending on your cleaning product... Use an old T-shirt. Plus its better to clean with no strings on (I.E Just restrining guitar)
if the strings are off you scrape out the gunk that builds up next to frets with an old ruler and if its not an unfinished maple neck use lemon fret board oil
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get an oiled fretbaord cleaner or even fretboard honey. That works too. DONT USE WATER. Use a 100% cotton product such as an old T- shirt NO PAPER TOWELS.
for cleaning the body you can pick up guitar polish, thats what i use. and a microfiber cloth so you dont leave any scratches. on the neck, yeah use lemon oil, and i got some yellow cloth that they recommended at the guitar shop.

For the body/head: all with the same microfiber cloth, wipe it, get rid of the dust. apply polish to the cloth, rub it in circles on the body, work it in a little. take a dry, clean part of the cloth and buff the body.

For the neck: apply lemon oil to whatever cloth you use, and rub it in.

It's a lot easier to clean the guitar when your switching strings.
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Sounds like I should ask at the shop for some specific products then. Restringing isn't an option at the moment as I haven't the faintest idea how to string my guitar >< I bought it already strung (used) and had it set up in December (restrung obv).

Thanks for the info.