I have an unused dunlop 535q wah pedal limited edition. It has the fasel inductor which was only used on some crybabys. This allows for a much better tone to be achieved.
Firstly, I want to trade it with a Boss GT8. I will offer a bit of cash aswell. I feel i can do with a lesser quality wah, but more effects.

It comes with all boxes, manuals etc...

I would prefer if the person comes to pick it up directly.

UK Only

You can buy it for £90 or best offer


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Is just cash a possibility? I'm' really interested in this pedal but I don't have a GT8.

Also, where about's are you located in the UK? And if picking it up wasn't practical how much would postage be?

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I am from central Birmingham. I would accept cash. I am looking for £90. It has no use and I bought it for £120.
I would prefer pickup just so that you can be satisfied with the product and also the money transfer would be easier.

In any case, let me know!