Wrote this just the other night, starting with the first riff, and just had to write a song around it! I hope people like it, I'm happy to return any constructive criticism whenever I'm online!
Cheesy Melodic Metal.zip
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i love cheese
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lol im so sure ive heard that chord progression in a cheesy greek pop song... nice job man! i like it
Hey, cheers folks! I don't know anything about greek pop but I think that progressions fairly standard in classical type stuff - which is why I used it! It's good to see so many fellow cheese eaters on here!
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I love it, the solo is great and I love the overall sound of the track, looking forward to hearing this recorded one day!
wow that little riff is catchy haha
overall i think its real good! nice job!
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Good - The first riff is very memorable
- Has a great rhythm and awesome scales
- The solo was good not too memorable but fit well.

Improvement - Add a counter part to your memorable riff.
- Add a little bit of a lead guitar
- Nothing else is wrong with it great job

I turned on and listened with RSE and it has a very good rhythm going on. The scales and the solos r great. I sure wish u would put a lead cause its a good cheesy riff that deserves a counter part to that riff. Very very memorable. 8/10
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Cheers mate! Nice to have some suggestions from you! I guess the memorable riff was meant to be the lead for that part, haha, I would add a more technical picking part over the top, but my band only has two guitarists, so it'd mean we could never play it! I might try and write a better solo for it when I get better at guitar though, as I think it probably blends in to the song because of me using that minor arpeggio for absolutely everything lol!

No-one's commented on either of my favourite parts of it yet though, haha, ah well!

Cheers again!
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Cheers for the crit^^

That was very cool, I digged the first riff, awesome. Those sweeps are very well done, you did a nice job there. Didn't really like the bars 65-72 though, it didn't fit very well I thought.
The solo was beautiful, not long enough though. I like how the song ends: Sweeps followed by harmonies and the little touch with the drums was awesome.

Good job on the song, it was incredible Cheesy but eh, I like it! 9.5/10!
Haha yeah, the end was one of my favourite bits - I can't believe this but you just caught me right out. Bars 65-72 were actually lifted from another song I wrote earlier, but don't like anymore! I know what you mean about them not fitting, but I like the way they lead into the solo which is why I have 'em! But yeah as far as sweeps go, try the second set in the solo (the shorter ones) you'll probably get them, there's a minor, then a diminished, then two major ones, and you can use them in anything as long as you get the positions and backing right! But yeah I don't reckon you'll have a problem!

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I must admit I cant get enough of the so called cheesy riff, I love that chord progression hahaha XD

<3 classical in metal

otherwise... the riff after it (18-25) doesnt really do much for me, the arpeggio guitar lead was nice though not that memorable, but it has a nice tone

33-39 doesnt do that much either but I guess I like it better than 18-25, as for 57-72, I quite disliked it haha... not enough to drag the song down much -mostly cause of that killer first riff hahaha-

I really liked the solo, I love the classical feel... and well the rest are riffs I already commented :P

Feel free to comment crit and or rate any of the following :P



(only one song in there anywai :P)
Real killer riff in the beginning, but then bars 18-25 are little uninteresting.
The sweep thingy sounds good too and the riff after it is nice.
Then comes the killer riff again. But then bars 57-72 are almost like from a different song.
The solo's cool, MAYBE little too technical.
Killer again, sweep, and then the ending. That harmonized run sounds goood and the end is powerful.

I'd give it 9/10. I'll be waiting for the recorded one.

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