Hey, this is the first song from my solo project, Liandri. I've only got the intro down so far, and I'm unsure where to go with it. I also think that the guitar harmony from bars 34 to 37 may be out, I'm very new to this kind of thing.

I've got a rough idea of how I'd like to lay the song out. I'm planning on using bars 30 to 37 as the chorus later on in the song.

Anyway, let me know what you think, if it's a pile of steaming crap, let me know, I trust you to tell me the truth more than my friends.
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I like this, personally! It's alot different to the kind of thing I'd normally listen to, but it's interesting! The guitar harmony sounds fine to me, mate, That's my favourite part! The only reason you might feel the harmony is out is the piece doesn't really have a very common key I think, but I think it's good!

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as an intro
im loving it
only have 2 problems really
1. no drums
2. no timpani

those are your needed percussion sections for a song like this

be glad to help out
but timpani is easy as hell [just put it on a bass track haha]
mabey later with some drums if you need it
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Well, here's a slightly newer version, I've made the intro a touch more interesting, but nothing too outlandish. I've also added a possible verse riff to the end and a bridge section between it and the rest.

Sadly, Envoy, I attempted to put Timpani in and just couldn't get it to sound any good. I haven't attempted laying down a Drum track yet either, as I was originally going to leave it up to the guy who's offered to session when I get around to recording my Liandri stuff, although I suppose a rough outline of what I'm after would help him more than hinder him.

Any C&C? I will do C4C happily!
Catastrophe's Child.zip
heres an aidea of what you want to do with timpani
that and you can check out some of my older power/epic/symphonic metal stuff [light of the righteous, last march of the paladins, anything labeled powermetal really]
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Quote by metul kult
You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

twitter: @victorstaygold