i have the metal one on msn
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
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"It doesn't get much beter than that! Ok, maybe a free ibanez guitar and marshall half-stack in perfect condition would be better, but free pancakes comes right behind that"

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"My tone should be like me........FAT! "
I think there was already a thread like this...

...not poisitive on that though, since i got mine off some new zealand guy
i think you can copy the images, but the moving ones might need a gif program
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Thanks, douche.

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i have the metal one on msn

I added it on msn too
I added this one too
Yes, I was bored.
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save the emocons as pictures. Open emocon menu on MSN from a message box and click 'add'.

EDIT: Emocons > Show all > Create

awesome. thanks man