So im soon getting a mesa boogie studio preamp and a mesa 50/50 but i dont really know what cab i should get. I figure something like a 1x12 is good enough because i dont really need anything more ight now. I got a good deal on the preamp and 50/50 so i have at least 370 euro left for a cab.

What 1x12 cabs can ya recommend in europe?
Or should i ditch the 50/50 and get a cheaper poweramp? Would hate to do that cuz iv got a really good deal

Any suggestions?
Make sure that you can get away with using a single speaker with your power amp before you buy anything. It might be that your power amp requires a speaker load on both channels, in which case you'll either need two cabs or a single stereo cab.
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Ok well the 50/50 gives 50 w per channel so that means i will need a stereo cab if i get it ?