So I was wandering around my local pawn shop and I came across this little Michael Kelly Arena Rose guitar. I've been playing my Alvarez MD90C and was looking to add a smaller bodied acoustic to my collection. I've never heard of the brand but the guy is only asking $350 for it. Solid Rosewood back/sides, Solid Spruce top, ebony fretboard, fishman electronics w/internal mic blend, scalloped bracing. The guitar sounds pretty nice and plays well enough but would need a set up. Anybody have any experience with this brand? It's certainly made of the right stuff and the price is right just wondering if anyone has more experience and if there are any quality issues I should be aware of before buying the git. Thanks
hmm... i have no personal experience with the brand, but here's what i do know.

don't ever limit yourself away from a guitar because it's a certain brand. when you buy a guitar, dont buy a brand, dont buy a model, buy a guitar. buy the guitar that sounds good to you. buy a guitar that feels nice. buy a guitar that puts a smile on your face. if you really like it, then it's for you.

basically... if it feels right, then it probably is right. most of the time, if everything sounds and feels good, the quality is probably right up there too. most, but not all. so yea... if i were you, i'd buy it if everything's right.
I agree, I don't take much stock in brand names. Thus I play an Alvarez instead of a Martin or Taylor. I've owned a Martin OM-21 but it never really did anything for me. I think I just got it because I always wanted a Martin. I got over that and sold it. I bought my Alvarez MD90C when I thought I was gonna end up buying a D-18 or D-28, but the Alvarez was just better than the models I tried in person both in tone and quality. So no I'm not affraid of off brand names, I've owned Yammies, Washburns, Simon & Patrick, Fender, Charvel, Martin etc.. Just wondered if anyone else had ever had one of these and if they had any issues. So although I proably will end up buying it based on my playing experience of the guitar just wondered if anyone had some knowledge of this brand/model and anything that I should look out for.
I own 5 Michael Kelly Guitars and they are good Korean made guitars.

Although I would stress that $350.00 for a used Arena is a bit steep. I bought every one of my MK's direct from the manufacturer/reseller who is local to me and never spent over $300 for any of them brand spanking new.
Thanks for the heads up Bill43. Sounds like I need to do some negotiating then. By chance is there a web site or a phone number for the place that you go to? Thanks.