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8 73%
3 27%
Voters: 11.
i'd go with mac, but everyone says its for wimps and stuff like that... just my opinion... i like that garage band and the podcasting stuff that it comes with
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A PC with Garage band, yes, if not, a Mac.
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Mac has limits on software, seeing as most of it is for windows, but pc gaming's on the downturn, so i'd say mac, much more reliable.
Whoever answers "Mac" after this post is a hippie-douchebag-treehugger.
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I say PC. Macs are for ponces. Lol, not really obviously, but I don't see why everyone hates PCs. I don't think they're that bad, whoever gets that many viruses that there's a real problem is obviously not using it properly.
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PC - it is more popular, meaning it is more convenient to work and write documents on one, rather than write them on a Mac and then convert them to PC files.
This thread should be called "an invite for mac fanboys to boast".