Im planning on making a buckethead replica guitar and was wondering whether I could paint a tuneomatic bridge etc white

I havent seen any to buy that are alreadw white

Should I just purchase a chrome one and paint it myself?
NO!! you'll screw up the calibration hardcore! This is an exact peice of machinery, they only way to get it white is to have it powdercoated and that is expensive!
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well the problem with that would be the paint sticking to the chrome. also, the strings would probobly wear out some of the paint over time.

idk man, your choice really.
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doubt it

you might be able to paint it white and then a whole bunch of clear coats to prolong the life but it still probably wouldnt last that long. oh and if you do decide to paint it take all the screws n stuff off of it cause it might make it really hard to adjust afterwards
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Powder Coat is the only way to go IMO.... And that would be expensive as hell...
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Damn powder coat isn't that expensive, buy some white powder coating stuff, anneal your bride (this would be the most expensive part, find access to one) then dip in the plastic.