get ernie ball hybrids the bass strings are .10 gauge and the 1st, 2nd and third strings are nines best of both
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it'll sound a little different. Less heavy.
It'll still sound good though. Just don't mute as hard with your right hand. be punchy with it.
i'd recommend .10's for blues and whatnot if you're not ready to bend on .11's. I think .09's are just too thin in general. but work your bending strength up and you'll be aight.
Listen to my V3 rythme clip in my profile I was using an Ibanez prestige with .09s and I think it gets a great Palm muted tone.
I thought blues-guys used heavier strings? maybe that was jazz. 10s will be good. I think you should work a little more on your bending technique though
10s FTW, 9s are for pussies and manlets.
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With a good EQ, you can get a good metal tone even with .008s.
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You'll be fine as long as you don't detune. To Drop D you're fine with 9s, anything lower and you need 10 or higher unless you want strings flopping around.
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