Well I looked around a bit, and couldn't seem to find anything about it. I bought a cheap bass a while ago, and Ive already made it into a fretless, and now I wanna paint it.

I kinda wanted to do something different, and decided I might put some sort of rubberized coating on the bass. Ive seen some in spray cans that come in different colours, its similar to the rubber coating on tool handles. I was wondering if anyones had any experience with it, and knew if it would work or not/if it had any effect on the sound.
it would probably kill all sustain
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that modification would take your sustain to a dark back alley and forcefully penetrate it, to say the least
but van halen did retarded **** too, so the real question is, do you have enough money to wreck a bass?

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Well it was pretty cheap to begin with, but no, I don't really have the money to wreck it. Other than killing or "forcefully penetrating" the sustain, is there any other drawbacks anyone can see?
If it is used for tool handles, I'd say your headstock would double as a hammer. But really, I think it would stick to your shirt when you play and it would collect dirt like no other.
Looking ugly and being unwieldy come to mind.
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From what i've seen (and i'm currently employed at a hardware store), any kind of spray-on rubberized coat is meant for maximum sound dampening. this being said, i also had the same idea not three weeks ago.


that would FEEL horrible too, over time it probably give you one hell of a rash
And the spray stuff isnt durable like the handles on store bought tools. A ding that penetrates would get it to start peeling. And screwing parts down on top of it would be a real pain. As it would tend to be squishy the bridge might decide to move around a little.
Well overall it doesn't sound like a great idea lol. I think I might just paint it normally. Not sure what colour though.