I'm not necessarily sure if this is the right board to post. So I apologize in advance if it isn't.

So a while back I started practicing guitar for about 6 months playing a righty. Well I never did get as comfortable playing it as I thought I would(I'm left handed). I recently sold my righty and now I want to try a lefty. Obviously the choices are limited and prices aren't too great. But here is my question.

The choices I have at the moment is to either get a Omen 6 lefty, or a C-1 Artist righty, and restring like a lefty. musiciansfriend currently has a c-1 artist righty at $450($600 for the lefty. ._.), and omen 6 lefty is $350. Is the restringing process that difficult? I know you have to switch the nut and mess around with the bridge. I tried doing a search to see if there were any guides that would perhaps help with this, but I didn't see any(unless I missed it?).

So I basically want to just know if the process of restringing a righty guitar to a lefty will be difficult and costly. If it is I guess i'll purchase the omen 6, but if its not too difficult or cost much then i'll probably buy the C-1 artist.

I'm no expert, but I thought that restringing a right hand guitar to a left hand one was generally not looked favorably upon. My advice is to go ahead and buy a lefty.
well do you really want upside down guitar controls?
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