Im learning to play the guitar and I am on a tight budget, I have an amp BUT it is an Ibanez Accoustic Amp and this is the only amp I have for right now. So I was wondering what is the differences between an electric and accoustic amp and what change will I hear when I finally get an electric amp?!?

thanks alot!
same here, but i have an ibanez BASS amp....

i want to know if this will affect me to!!!!!!!

plz and thx 4 da help!

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bass amp is gonna giv u a ton of bass... hence it being a bass amp. and ur high notes will ring out very um... muddy and unclear (in my experience). i dont rly like the sound at all, but some people actually like bass amps better. i hav no idea how playing through an acoustic amp would work out, sorry.
ive HEARD that accoustic amps have tweeters that make the sound awkward and choked..which is how it sounds as i play..but im not 100% on that, so i was just wondering if someone else had an idea!

Acoustic amps do have tweeters, but the main thing is that the speakers for electric amps are also voiced in a certain way to sound good with electrics. Acoustic amps is just like hooking directly into a PA system, they are designed to be very flat and responsive across the entire spectrum. Electric amps don't really do that. Plus I don't think you can get any real distortion from one. You should be able to use one just fine for practice, especially if you run your signal through some kind of pedal/processor/EQ and don't mind staying on a clean sound. You can go the other way too, plugging an acoustic into an electric amp, but your highs will be muddy.