hey everyone,
wanted to know what your opinion was on having a band with two guitarists,
and i wanted some tips maby if you had any...

i especally like older iron maiden and judas priest
which both have twin guitars
most bands have two guitarists... its kind of the standard
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Personally I'm a solo guitar player myself.

It takes different kind of people.

If you have two guys playing guitar, especially if they are playing rythm together with each other alot, they better be able to in time with each other.

nothing more annoying than the same riff played by two people...at slightly different tempos.

Also it's pretty impressive if you can get two guys to share leads.
Like... one play part of a solo, then take over rythm while the other jumps into teh solo.

Almost a stereo set up kind of deal.

But writing two guitar lines makes it a bit more difficult.

also...you just need to kind of click with the other guitar player.
You just need to find the right person.

which I havnt...so I'll stick to myself,
at least for now.
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I think this may be the wrong thread...

But why stop at two? I've got three guitars in my band and it works quite nicely.


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I thought Iron Maiden had 3 guitars

hmm i think they might now... lol but thev been threw a few people...
but you know what i mean lol
songs like prowler are fun to play
I'm more of a rythem guitarist, and not being much of a good soloist, i like to have 2 guitars in a band.