im saving up for a new amp right now and am pretty sure that i know which one im going to get but i still want to see other peoples opinions. Ive been looking at the new Marshall JVM 205 head. I play alot of classic rock (zeppelin, aerosmith, gnr, velvet revolver, etc.) and will need this for decent sized gigs. i will need tones that range from good cleans to stuff as heavy as metallica with good tones in between. if anybody has played one of these amps let me know what you think about it and if anybody has suggestions for a different amp that would be cool too.
im getting a JVM205 in a month or so.
kick ass amp. i looked at the JVM405 but it just felt a bit much. of the 12 channels i'd probably only use about 3 of them, so the 205 suits me nicely