Hey guys so i put in a new soundcard recently its a sound blaster x-fi extreme, and for some reason when i put something in the line in i can only hear it out of the left speaker, i have no idea why it does this because my other soundcard worked fine, i looked through settings and i couldnt find anything to let me balance it, so any ideas?
i have a soundblaster also, it happens to me too. i usually go to devices in BIOS (hit F2 at launch or w/e is listed) and i mess around until i find the card and change a setting like integrated audio. If you use a headset then get a usb headset, you wont have anymore of that with usb.
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When you open the sound manager in windows (just dbl click on the icon in the tray bar near the system time) you should see a bunch of volume faders. Above each fadder are the panners. If you pan it completely to the side that isn't producing sound and you still don't hear any sound, try using another pair of headphones or speakers. If you can't hear sound (or that 1 channel) on all sound producing devices (headphones, speakers) you might have a defective sound card. One thing I definately recommend doing would be to re-install the sound driver: http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/. As a former sr. tech support agent at a major computer company I can't tell you how many times I resolved sound problems just by re-installing the audio driver.

If you didn't have an addon sound card before (if the audio ports are soldered directly onto the mobo), then you will have to disable that card at the BIOS level. To get to the BIOS, restart your computer. The moment is starts turning on again (before you see any Windows logos) search the screen for the word BIOS. IE on a Dell you would have to push F2 to get to the BIOS.
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