Hello everyone.

This is a song I'm currently writing and I'm puting lots and lots of effort into it.
It's still in progress, I only did the intro + intro solo.

The intro solo is the most melodial, emotional and challenging solo I've ever done (based on my own guitar talent). I'm new to sweep picking, and this helps me a lot. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

There's not much to crit for the moment, but I'd like sincere comments on the piano's melody and the solo.

Sincere crits will be returned sincerely.


EDIT: v1.1 is up! Added some tapping + a nice sweep section, enjoy! (The intro solo is now done, might need some adjustments though)

EDIT 2: v1.2 FINALLY up! Added a more metal oriented riff, but still freaking awesome! Hope you guys enjoy, took me a while to think about that!

EDIT 3: After a long, long review, I finally decided to change some things and add something! v1.3 is up! Enjoy!
Unrevealed Melody.zip
Unrevealed Melody v1.1.zip
Unrevealed Melody v1.2.zip
Unrevealed Melody v1.3.zip
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that was great
loving the piano part
theway you wrote it you could put it in the middle of a song and itd fit fine w/ the piano at teh end as a reintro or somehting
great solo work
but your sweeps are rather odd
and you really dont have to put teh direction of the pick thing =p
but as a whole this is a 10/10 solo work right here
and some amazing rythm under it
great job
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This is good, it sounds nice - but those sweeps are a little odd! Particularly that one starting at the 19th fret. I think this is mainly because some of the notes are only one semitone apart. Try sweeping arpeggiated chords to get a much more fluent sound (they're easier than what you're trying to do, too!). If you're new to sweeping, I suggest starting on the third string and doing 4 note sweeps with an extra third interval hammered on on the top string. After that you can use mor estrings and stuff, and start adding tapping in and things! But anyway, as far as your song goes, I like it! It has a nice, atmospheric, melodic feel to it, and that always scores well with me.

Anyhoo, if you'd like/have time, please have a look at mine and say what you think!

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Not the first time someone find my sweeps odd, and I guess I'll have to refer to someone on how to write them >.> but I like how they sound (even if they are semi-tones) and the fact I'm able to play them is cool with me

Anyhow, thanks a lot for the sincere comments guys, I appreciate it.
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Quote by DarkTom666
Not the first time someone find my sweeps odd, and I guess I'll have to refer to someone on how to write them >.> but I like how they sound (even if they are semi-tones) and the fact I'm able to play them is cool with me

Anyhow, thanks a lot for the sincere comments guys, I appreciate it.

im some to refer to

if you want i can post a track with just tons of different types of sweeps on it
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You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

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I love the lead. Waw this is very well written. Drums are awesome. Very melodic this will be one hell of a song swell job !
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Already I love it. The piano intro is awesome. And I can already tell that you put alot of emotion in the solo.. and this is MIDI.

UNEXPECTED drums :O. Still nice, a bit faster, pretty sweet.

Wasn't as long as I expected, but I really love everypart of it. It's a very emotional melodic song (so far) 9/10 because you're not finishep :P

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Way cool man. When It started I expect a slow steriotypical boring lead but when it kicks in it really kicks in. I feel like you could've done that sweep a couple more time addind more with the little things you did at the end of each of those. Nonetheless it's well put together. I also think it should continue kicking ass for a while longer instead of slowing back down. I'd love to hear the end product.

Crit my acoustic piece.
Wow thanks a lot guys, I sincerily appreciate it :O!!!

I will definitely keep working on it and @danilo19, I think I'mma continue "kicking ass" for a while longer Thanks for the idea.
wow, that was really good. i envy you ;P i can't write solo's for...well....probably 7 dollars.

The piano part was really good. I think if i listen to that again i'm gonna have to write something on piano myself. xD

so far 10.5/10.

i really loved it. the transition was really unexpected and fit in perfectly.



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Thats amazing!

Possibly the best subbission up her at the moment.
I am very pleased for you.

I love the sweep sections and the tapping adds alot to the song.

very good

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Alright, here's my thoughts listening to it.

I like the strings fade in, but I would use a full chord on the string part. Also, I think the strings could double some of the high notes on the piano to add depth, but they sound alright the way they are if you want to keep them that way. The intro solo is very nice and restrained. It really sets the song up for the build into the tempo change. The change itself seems a little abrupt, but its not a huge problem. I really like the lead here. I think when the piano comes back in at 18 that it should use some different rhythms other than the straight 8ths. Very nice sweep section. I certainly hope there's more on the way, because this has a lot of potential.

Overall, very well written, but far too short at the moment. Get working and update this thing. 9/10

Mind giving mine a look? Thrahs/melodic/acoustic
Wow thanks a lot guys^^ Hmm I'll try finding another piano rythm, thanks for the suggestion. As for the tempo change, I did find it a little abrupt when I wrote the song and then I tried to make it less, but it ruined the whole emotion in the solo.

I will definitely add more soon^^
i really liked the transition between intro and the rest though i thought i would have been alot cooler if you gradually slowed down the last couple of bars to half time of the main part

Quote by Roc8995
I ran into some fingering issues. I can get it up to speed the way I've been fingering it, but I'm wondering if you guys have any better ideas, because it seems like there should be an easier way to finger this.

Don't worry there is Roc, there is
The first two measure remind me of two things, Halo 3 theme and Abandon Your Friends by From Autumn to Ashes. I like the rhythm and the drums. The little triplets are so melodic. Mmmmmm.

I really enjoy this, I too am learning sweeps so it'll help me too. =D

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Hey sorry I never replied to your PM, I tried about 3 times, but my compe seems to freeze whenever I press 'send' or 'preview!' Tsk! Anyhow, sounding very nice once again!

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That's really nice man, the sweeping is pretty well done especially if you are new to it, because that certainly looked hard to pull off to me.
What really got me was the tempo change as the rhythm kicks in, that was awesome.

10/10 for your solo and piano piece.
Did you make it with RSE? It was in midi format on my GP5 so i switched it around and it sounded really good nice job

You need to be my GP mentor. Ha, nice start to a song, now, the hardest part awaits...writing the rest! I've always found write the first 50 measures or so is easy, but after that its agonizing, but everyone has different views, awesome song, it seemed like alot of patience and trial and error were put into the intro's, good luck on finishing it, 5/5!!

P.S. I dont like to put up unfinished songs, so when i finish the 15 or so non finished ones, ill put them up.
1 more thing, is there a way to make drums fade in , or make a whole guitar section fade in, it seems to like to be a douche to me
Damn, yeah it is realy good.
The tempo change was sweet, good leads after that. not that they werent good before.
Your mini sweeps arent wierd if you ask me, but the sweep section got some notes that are a little out of place.
The tapping was good, i especialy liked the bending tremollo picking.
And yeah it would help if you fix it RSE ready, it sounds much better.

C4C: my latest, a acoustic tune.
It is a melodial emotional piece, metal sounding.
It's meant to be like that

Anyways, I couldn't work on it, my low E string broke and I don't have any more strings so I have to buy but didn't have any time *cry*


Anyways, I'll be continuing it soon I hope!
Cool song! The guitar especially is nice, and the whole song is really emotional. I really like the melody and the overall feel. I liked how the melodic part is balanced by the metal part, so it's not all mellow crap and stuff.

But I think that it would be better without bar 44, you know, as it killed the tension you just built up and its sense of continuity. Just go straight to 45 and put the cymbal strike there. And on the Crazy Harmonization part, why not use the rhythm guitar for harmony (i.e. playing minor thirds)? The rhythm guitar imo wasn't really needed, after all, in that part. But overall, I like it. Now you just have to finish it! Oh, and don't forget to add bass in there !

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I would never had saw that part as awkward had MarchofEternity not mentioned it, but now that he said it it kind of annoys me. The solo was very great, I was expecting some stupid harmonized 'epic' solo but this was a genuinely good solo and it was long too. You have great solowriting skills, the rhythm was good too, I'm not sure how good it was because it was outshined completely by the solo. It does seem like, unless you are going to continue the entire song with similar leads and stuff, that you will have to get a little heavier.

Also, the crazy harmonization was really cool.

A quick question: Can you play this on guitar?

Crit mine if you want:
Hey, thanks guys ^^

And I'll check the transition again, I really suck at making good ones lol, thanks!

And btw yea I can play this, just need to practice the tapping part in the sweeps section and my tempo on the crazy harmonization
Holy smokes... Un-friggin believable. Respect to you. Incredible work.Just so... melodic...
Sorry for the amazingly late crit, I was banned


Awesome intro. Awesome.
The only thing I can think is you should add in a left hand part in the piano, like a bass section, to beef up the sound.

The tempo change bit rocks! Well, the bit after bar 16 anyway.
Lawl the tapping bit, my licks
Haha, kidding on.

Wasn't too fond of the sweep section though, it was a pretty standard/clichéd progression and was real predictable.

48+ was great, again.
Crazy Harmonization?
That was cool.
Shame it's not finished yet though =/
Haha thanks all

Lawl the tapping bit, my licks

Say that again!? Lol, nah I think it's pretty much a common lick, I've used it more than once xD

Wasn't too fond of the sweep section though, it was a pretty standard/clichéd progression and was real predictable.

Yea I've just started sweeping so I guess it pretty much resumes it.

Crazy Harmonization?

Maybe not for you But for me it's the maximum speed I can play for now