i really wana get a great acoustic in that range that would last me a long time and is eletric acoustic i been trying diffrent ones out and i like the feel of alzarez any suggestions
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id look into seagull, takamine, or ibanez for that price range. go find one that you like the sound and fret play of. dont buy a guitar that ou havnt tryed.

Besides the extremely bad grammar and spelling mistakes...Take this guys advice...The same model acoustic can vary so much...
Alvarez is probably the best bet, but try not to go below $400 unless you're buying used. Ibanez should be avoided, in my opinion. Many of their offerings in that price range don't even have solid tops and don't sound exceptional at all. Takamine is also worth a look. When making your decision, make sure you give the highest priority to unplugged sound. Generally speaking, if it sound good unplugged, it will sound good through an amp.