I've looked and found what I need on the Ibanez website, 4 seperate items (2LE2-13/14/15/16), yet from what I can see there's no way of ordering them, is there a website where I can get these off? I've tried that Ibanezrules one but shipping to England seems a lot of hassle.

BTW, the parts are to replace the shite arm socket in the ZR with one from an Edge, but if anyone can suggest anything else, feel free!
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Ebay maybe?

AxesRus.com, might have the parts, probably not official bez ones though.

Local shop, if they stock Ibanez could probably order you the parts in.
Cottam Guitars doesn't have anything that I could use on there

ibanezrules does have what I need, but it's just more hassle than I'd like with a lot of messing about with paypal and stuff which I'm not a huge fan of doing.
Funny words.
I had loads of trouble trying to get a trem arm holder for the one on my ZR which snapped - Headstock Distributiom don't sell direct so you have to place an order thorugh a guitar shop. Unfortunately the parts are all so similar it's very easy to order the wrong one - that happened to me and I gave up using the whammy. There's a website which lists all the ibanez part codes, think it's ibanez.com/parts .

I might eventually order a new one, but the hassle is enormous.