I like it a lot - very hypnotic. Makes me wish I knew how to use the Korg X3 my keyboard buddy left for me when he moved to Tampa.

I think you should put some big fat guitar in there though - something with a bunch of sustain and delay - just a little more counterpoint to what you've already got going on.

Cool song - neat harmonies in there.
Thanks SSSteve. and your right. I tried for a long time to come up with a guitar lead that fit.
Other than my leads being a bit weak, I couldnt seem to mix the guitar lead to make it sound as if it was all coming from the same room. I ran out of steam and it was a few years back. But I learned a bunch about recording, mixing, paning, pitch shifting, making sounds blend and other peaking and tweaking goodies that lay within and without of Cakewalk.
I had a "Fostex" 4 track recorder 20 years ago, bunch of tapes, Casio keyboard drums, old Memphis les/paul copy, old Crate amp, ratt box, and a crybaby. The good ol' days....lol.
Man, has home recording come a long way!....