Right so my last thread, about week or so ago, got hijacked by that freedomfnfries character who was ruining every band's thread that day, and must be banned by now. If someone tells me how to delete that thread I will, or maybe a mod could do it for me?

Anyway, we have more songs up this time. There was already a studio-recorded cover up, and since then we've added 5 acoustic songs from a night that our drummer couldn't make rehearsal. We did 4 of our own songs and another cover.
Recording isn't the best quality, as it was just a laptop in the middle of the room, but it's not too bad either, considering.

It'd be great if you can have a look at either our MySpace or our UG profile (both in my sig), tell me what you think, and add us if you really enjoy our music.
I'll check out everyone's band who comments (if they have one), because it's only fair.

So, the links are in my sig.
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