i'm about to get my second guitar and i want an Epiphone SG or a Les Paul, and don't know which one to get....i'm also considering the fender stratocaster but still leaning towards the epiphone

could someone plz help me....
any extra information welcomed!!
What type of music are you playing?
And a Fender strat is probably better than standard epiphones (depending on music style).
Eh, well, depends really on what sound you're going for. The Iommi SG has a 24.75 neck with 24 frets which is kind of a rarity, but it also allows you to do fast playing on the upper frets easily. The Les Paul's come with the standard 24.75/22 fret necks, but because the body is thicker you get a much warmer sound.
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Exactly like me! I was looking for a new second guitar and was thinking of getting a Fender Strat, but I decided to go for the Epiphone SG G-400, I think SG and Les Paul are the same, just that SGs are way lighter. If I was you try out the guitars and see what you like more.
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Same here!!!
yea i played them both...
i like the sound of the les paul
but i like the feeling of the SG

i play mostly rock and some matal
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