hey all.
im in the market for a new amp. im playig with two bands at the moment, as a rythem guitarist/part time vocalist. my vox ad30vt isnt cutting it anymore, dont get me wrong its an amazing amp but yeh not quite suitable for my situation anymore. ive been looking round some used amps, and have found the following that i think will suit my needs.
Marshall valvestate 80, marshal avt275, peavy bandit 112, and a hughes and kettner matrix 100. they are all around the same price, which suits my budget. out of these amps, which would be the best option? one of my bands plays punk, with heaps of palm puting so i want a good solid chuga chuga, and my other band (which i dont know how long ill be hanging around in it for) plays more classic rock, like black sabbath, led zep, pink floyd....etc and a few odds and ends.

so yeh is anyone able to reccomend one of the above amps? i quite like the hughes and kettner as it has 4 channels, each independant.

any help would be great thanks
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The Kettner would be the best out of all of them. The rest, besides the Bandid, are just turd.

What's your budget?
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well my budget is about $600 (NZD) which is like $500 USD. the calssic 30 is like over a grand used here so yeh, kinda outa my price range. yeh im quite keen on the huges and kettner....does anyone know what the effects are like on it? i dont use effects that much, so its not vital that they are great.
Im not sure on the others, but I have a Bandit with a Celestion G12k in, and that drops very low with lots of definition. Clean channel seems pretty good and the od channel seems fairly versatile. The Transtube thing (which at first i thought was just balls tbh) seems to add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to the sound.

Im really happy with it, though I did buy it for £20 so that helped a lot LOL

Anything by H&K (amplifier, not submachine gun) has to be good though.
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yeh id love a classic but yeh too much money at the mo. yeh i think ill either go with the h&k or the peavey. i wont be able to play them either as they arent anywhere remotely near me hmmmm. at least people are sayn they are both good.

would the h&k be classed as a modelling amp? cause it has 4 channels...clean, lead, crucnh and warp. im a little wary of that kinda setup rather than just a strai clean and dirty chanel, but then again i spose it would be more versatile
yeh the matrix really does sound very good. has anyone had a play on one before and can tellme what the settings are like? i can get it at a very reasonable price so yeh at the moment its the top of my list, unless someone can tell me a reason not to get it
i can get the viper 50 for the same price as the bandit or the matrix, used of course.....the only thing is that i still want something that i can use for practice at home, so a 50watt tube amp myt not reallt be that suitable....
Yeah, but you have the Vox. And besides, the Matrix isn't that good IMO, and the Bandit will probably sound bad at high volumes.
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Dude for 100 bucks more you could get the valveking 112, I know you said 50w tube might be a bit much but I was mucking around with one the other day in the shop and you can play it at respectable levels quite easily.
yeh im buying used tho and there arnt many of them for sale (im in new zealand remember) and they retail for $1500 over here, so ill be hard pushed to find one for 600-700 buks. im talkin in new zealand dollers by the way not us dollars