Ok, so, my guitar is an ESP Ltd. F-100 FM. I need to know how difficult it is to replace the wire that connects the jack to the pickups, and if I should do it myself.


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The wire doesn't go straight of the pickups to the jack, and why does it need replaced? If there is no sound it is probably just a loose solder joint. And to answer your question, it isn't hard at all if you have a soldering iron.
Your pickups aren't connected to the output jack. The wires from them go to either your volume control/tone controls & then the pickup selector switch (or vice versa)and finally to the jack. Do you know which wires are the problem? Is it a repair or are you trying to mod the guitar for some reason? Soldering itself is not too hard but does take some practise to avoid cold or blobbed solderjoints and possible collateral damage from excessive heat! You also need a proper soldering iron, electronic solder (60/40) with flux and a basic understanding of wiring. If you don't know how to solder or have the tools & supplies I would recommend taking it to someone who does.
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