I have a problem and im not sure what to do. Im looking for my first set of pedals and this is what i want: A more classic sounding overdrive (not too specific, doesnt have to be very classic), A wah pedal with a bit of customizing options, an acoustic simulator ( a good one), and an eq. From the research ive done and on a medium to somewhat low budget, this comes out to around 300 and thats fine. i could even go a little bit more and i dont really need the eq. Possibly a cheaper loop station.

I was wondering, if i should just go with these individuals, or a multi - effects. ive used the search and i know this comes up quite a bit but i didnt find a lot of good answers for me.

I know people say that individuals sound better but is it a big difference? is it very customizeable with the multi? Will one such as a GT-8 or ME - 50 have any sort of looping or no? Would individuals have more customizing than those of the multi?

Thanks for any help you can give. I will be playing classic rock, not really any metal. and some slower acoustic songs which is why i want the acoustic simulator. This part needs to be very good. Any suggestions and ideas will be nice. Will be going with a palomino v1 15 watt class A Tube amp.
Until you do some research on different pedals, I don't think a multi-effects processor is a bad idea. It will give you something to mess around with until you can increase your budget and narrow down what you're looking for.
When I first started I went for only individual stomp boxes. Along the way I bought some pedals I could really care less about, and it also meant waiting a looong time before I could figure out what effects I really enjoyed.
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