Ok all psychopathic cult killing aside, has anyone here actually listened to his music? Surprisingly he is quite the songwriter/vocalist/guitarist. If you're into guys like Donnovan, then I think you would enjoy his work, most of it is very mellow acoustic sounding stuff. I honestly think that he is a really talented musician, and would have been a pretty successful musician had he not been so deranged.


Cease to Exsist

Look At Your Game Girl

People Say I'm No Good

Those are his best songs in my opinon.

So I geuss here it is, the Charlie Manson thread.
yea the home where the Tate murders took place was, I believe, the previous home of the record producer (I can't remember his name). It's all but likely it initially was going to be a revenge killing. However I'd rather like for the thread to not deal on the murders, but rather the music he and the family produced.
Wow, call me retarded but I never even knew he was a musician on the side. (Aww, bad joke) But hmm, strange.
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He only has a few good songs. A large portion of them sucked, though. He did have an awesome voice, though. I often wonder if he's still writing songs in prison, like Frank Zappa's Joe.
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I've listened to a lot of his work, mostly because my friend has this weird serial killer thing that I won't go into, and she used to play it very loud in my car.

I don't like it, though I will be honest and say I never gave it a chance, just because of the very negative connotations that go along with the words Charles Manson, I don't think I can ever, at this point actually take his work and not be horribly biased against it.

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Wow, call me retarded but I never even knew he was a musician on the side. (Aww, bad joke) But hmm, strange.

Probably more well known for his art than his music, but its quite famous that Manson and Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys) knew each other and worked together.
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Yeah man I dig Charlie's **** he's a crazy cat I've been a fan for years but i must say "Garbage Dump" always makes me piss my pants with laughter and in no way am I promoting the murders or saying he's cool because he brainwashed kids with acid and told them to go kill people i just dig his tunes
Wow a Charlie thread!

He definitely did some great songs. I've gotta say my favourites are Eye of a Dreamer, Home Is Where You're Happy, Sick City and of course, Look at Your Game, Girl.

Maybe we'll hear some more from him some time.

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Has anyone here heard Gn'R cover Look At Your Game Girl? I liked it, but that's the only one of his songs I've heard (and he didn't even perform it). Its the final, hidden track on The Spaghetti Incident.