hey guys, on boss pedals theres a little light that shows when the pedal is on, its a red LED. i just got my first pedal lastnight, and when i was done for the night i made sure it was off. this morning when i got up i went to play it and i turned it on and the light was really dim, and when i got home from work i turned it on and the light was completely dead, i put a new battery in it and it was perfect and bright again. why would it drain if the pedal is off? do i have to unplug the cables or something?

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yeah def. take the cables out, it'll drain yor pedals like crazy
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you have to unplug the input cable from the pedal, otherwise it drains it
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just take the cables out when you stop playing.
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yea your better off just buying a boss ac adapter hence you wont need to be buying batteries like every two weeks to a month or so depending on how much u play