the ibanez all the way!!

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The LTD, I just don't trust the durability of long ass hooked horns on any guitars or basses. They should be reinforced with carbon fiber or something like with what Perry did when he was building that death metal guy's bass.
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that ltd looks awesome. and yeah, i agree with dog454, the horns always look sketchy to me.
I've never played the LTD but it looks good and has a decent spec. I love Ibanez but I don't like the BTBs. The new shape may be better but the ones I've tried felt all wrong.
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the ibanez looks awfull(IMO), last time i played one it was awfull, the B strings was damn flopy and the ltd looks nicer in every aspects
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Well I own the D4 so I'm a bit bias however it is a really good bass.
I don't know what the 5 is like but the 4 plays hell nice and it pretty versatile IMO (I play metal, hard rock and some punk). It feels well built to, nice and solid.
Also you got to love active picks.

I don't know much about the Ibanez though.

But from personal experience I'd say got for the ESP, you could do a lot worse anyway.
take the LTD all the way!!
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